Al Capone z Dražkova – nar. březen 2019

Free boy for sport!!!

Al Capone z Dražkova
born 22.3.2019
The son of a health examined parents.
Another Avenue z Věřic x Boreggo Life Victory.

Mother: Another Avenue z Věřic
doing sports (canicross, coursing, agility)
health examinations PLL, LOA, SCA, SCM, MTC, PRC, Hyperuricosuria, MH, DM, Brachyurie, LP (0/1) BAER, CERF

Father: Ich. multich. Boreggo Life Victory
doing sports
sports kynology (tracking dog, obedience, defence), coursing, agility, canicross, bike, scootering, trek,… )
and have hunting exams ZN, ZV, LZ, BZ, BZH, and next is in preparation
health examinations PLL, LOA, SCA, JBD, DM CERF, BAER, ED, HD, LP
Interchampion, Multi Champion, Champion CZ, D, SK,…

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